Dissemination Events and Activities

In common with the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic caused for the rest of the World, Covid-19 has made it a challenging year for the project and the two planned face-to-face multiplier events in Finland and Latvia were cancelled and alternative approaches put in place.  Instead of two single multiplier events, approval was given to hold a number of virtual conferences for national and international audiences as well as some smaller events aimed at a limited number of face-to-face and virtually attending delegates.

This gave us the opportunity to build in some flexibility in terms of dates and the option to record and repeat virtual events.  Multiplier events have brought ACTS to the attention to in excess of 700 delegates.

TA Group hosted multiplier events (Latvia) 

August 2020 – virtual multiplier event for a national and international audience Link to TA Group conference webpages

Between September and December 2020 a number of smaller scale face-to-face and virtual events were conducted.

These events attracted in excess of 300 virtual delegates and 50 face-to-face delegates from across Latvia.

University of Turku hosted multiplier events (Finland)

Between August and December 2020 a range of virtual and face-to-face events were held with a widespread reach across Finland.  In excess of 300 virtual delegates attended the events and 55 face-to-face delegates attended smaller scale events in a range of settings including schools, museums and libraries.  The events were supported by the Teacher Training School in Rauma and Kirkonkylä Primary School.

Other dissemination activity

Partners have engaged in a wide variety of dissemination activities to promote ACTS and share their experiences.

For example:

  • Events and workshops for teachers, student teachers, teaching assistants, parents, University colleagues and other educators;
  • Social media posts – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn;
  • Conferences throughout Europe;
  • Website promotions;
  • Newsletters and emails to established networks;
  • Newspaper articles and books.

Through these additional dissemination activities ACTS has received local, national and international exposure.